You are

You are - image for article by Greg Alder

You are not one of seven billion.

You are not a file number, case number, customer number or pin number.

You are not the lady in number 7, the man upstairs, the family across the road.

You are not the driver of the green car, nor the owner of the yellow dog.

You are not black. Nor white.

You are not of average build, average height, average age, average intelligence.

You are not 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 children.

You are not a business owner. You are not a shopkeeper. You are not a farmer. You are not a teacher.

You are not at the mercy of the market. You are not in a price war.

You are not one of 40,000 financial advisers in your state. You are not one of 6 cafés in your suburb. You are not another 24/7 gym. You are not a no win, no fee lawyer. You are not an emergency glass repairer, a ½ Price Tuesday pizza joint, a 50% Off Persian rug shop.

You are not a research result. You are not a Census statistic.

You are not the master race, the other 98%, the great unwashed, the chosen ones.

You are not the aggressor. You are not the victim.

You are not right. You are not wrong.

You are not just like your father, a chip off the old block, peas in a pod.

You are not heavy metal, easy listening or talkback. Not a Judge Judy viewer. Not a BBC listener.
You are not chained to the past.

You are not a passenger.

You are not a graduate. You are not a school dropout.

You are not too young. Nor too old.

You defy easy and lazy categorisation.

You are uniquely you.

You are the sum of your unique experiences, environment and social network.

You are not a character in a book. You are the author.

You are in the driver’s seat.

You have the ability to shape your life. And reshape it. And reshape it. There is no limit to how many times you can push the reboot button.

You are able to tell a story that no other person, no other business and no other brand can tell. Your story resonates. It is remembered. It is retold.

Your customers and your staff are passionate ambassadors for your brand.

You have the power to rise above, stand apart. You no longer sell at market rate. You are a premium product. Your buyer’s market is now a seller’s market. Your advice is more valuable. You don’t need to discount.

You think it’s difficult? It’s remarkably easy. Understand your brand. Define your vision. Find your purpose. List your attributes. Decide how you want people to feel when they hear your name, see you face or your logo. Determine what you need to do to bring this to fruition. Then implement it.

You are no longer a commodity. You are a brand. People are attracted to you. Buyers want to buy from you.

You have provenance. You have cachet.

You are one of a kind.

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