Who killed ethics?

"Who killed ethics?" by Greg Alder

This is Sophocles. He’s here because he’s at the heart of  The Moral Leader seminar from the Harvard Business School. A while back I came across a 2007 article on the seminar which started me thinking about a whole series of questions regarding business ethics. Questions like:

Is it possible to separate a corporation’s moral values from that of its leaders?

Legislative restrictions aside, is business more or less moral today than it was, say, a hundred years ago?

Is it possible to put a fiscal value on moral decisions in business?

What’s the ROI in morality, anyway?

If Sophocles were CEO and Sir Thomas More Chairman of Enron, would that company have got into the trouble it did?

If ethics is dead, who killed it?

In Australia, the St James Ethics Centre promotes the incorporation of ethics into corporate decision-making. However, business ethics remains low on most corporate agendas – in my opinion.

Read the Moral Leader story and add your thoughts.

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