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I won’t presume to know how you live your life. It’s none of my business. However, I am going to have a guess at how you live.

My guess is that you’re living your life the way 99% of us live it. We live for today on learnings from yesterday.

If something worked for us yesterday, we repeat it today.

If something gave us pleasure yesterday, we try to relive that pleasure today.

If something caused us pain yesterday, we try to avoid it today.

We’re living in a state of constant tweaking, sidestepping, modifying, repeating. We’re living reactionary lives of cause and effect.

Anyone running a business knows the elasticity of time. It doesn’t matter how much we have, the demands of business stretch it. And then stretch it some more bit.

If there’s a gap in the day’s agenda, an unexpected drama materialises to fill it. Usually each problem is minor. But when these minor problems fill every working day, that’s major.

Most of us in business are so busy working in it that we don’t have time to work on it. We don’t have big picture thinking time. We don’t have time to work on our grand vision.

What do you want your business to look like tomorrow? In 10 years? In 20 years? What are the steps to help you realise your vision? Who can help you achieve your vision?

When you make a change to your business, do you ask if it will bring you closer to your vision? Or do you do what most of us do and make changes in response to external pressures?

We can’t make time. We have to steal it. We have to steal time on a regular basis. An hour a week, a day a month. We have to use that time to work on our grand strategy.

Remember the past. But don’t forget tomorrow.

Photo credit: Poster image for Disney’s Tomorrowland

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