The most powerful word in the world

Most powerful word in the world - image for article by Greg Alder

There is a word, a familiar word. It is possibly the most powerful word in the world. It is certainly the most dangerous.

It starts wars.

It cripples us.

It is anger.

It is fear.

It is shouted.

It is silent. And this is what makes it so powerful. It controls us often without being voiced, without our conscious knowledge.

It is a single syllable. Just two characters.

It is NO.

For all the times we have heard it throughout our lives, it has the most profound impact when it is a thought in our heads, when it is unspoken.

The unspoken No keeps us in joyless jobs. It keeps us from trying something new.

The unspoken No keeps us in toxic business partnerships and personal relationships.

There’s no question that the word No has power. But it is only powerful because we allow it to be. Its opposite, Yes, has the potential to be more liberating and more rewarding if we’d only let it.

Yes has the power to make us believe we’re not too old to launch a startup. Not too old to follow dreams. Not too old to zig whilst others zag.

Yes is self-belief.

Yes is creativity.

Yes is peace.

Yes is happiness.

Yes is freedom.

Yes is adventure.

Yes is renewal.

No is a bully. No has had its own way for way too long. No is a sham. All smoke and mirrors.

It’s Yes’s time to shine.

No might be the world’s most dangerous word.

Yes is the most powerful.

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