How to kill a website

"How to kill a website" by Greg Alder

There are a billion websites in the world. Most of them should be put down. They do nothing for business. They don’t drive enquiries. They don’t boost sales. They don’t build reputation. They don’t engage audiences.

Someone has paid to have them built. Someone is paying to have them hosted. Someone is wasting money, no matter how little they spent.

They are as good as dead.

They simply lie there, unloved, unvisited. Corpses in a virtual graveyard.

Here’s what kills websites:

  1. They look like crap. Nasty, poorly conceived, poor executed, with bad grammar and spelling mistakes.
  2. They’re off brand. That’s not surprising. Many business owners don’t know what their brand stands for in the first place. They have a business and a logo and they think that’s it. It isn’t. A brand has a vision, purpose, a plan, ambition, personality, attributes and values.
  3. They’re not written for an audience. Many websites are motivated by the site owner’s need to communicate products or services, not an audience’s need for a solution.
  4. They’re not updated. No new content is added, no software renewed. The website has been left to fend for itself. The owners were convinced (maybe by the people who built their site) that all they needed to do was create their website and customers will flock like moths to a light. They won’t.
  5. They’re badly constructed. Lazy web designers leave dormant coding on the sites they build, slowing them down. They don’t perform basic search engine optimisation.
  6. They’re hard to navigate. An example? Ecommerce sites where the products are hidden, where there are no prices and where you have to send an email to make a purchase. Another example? Sites with no link back Home from a page.
  7. They’re broken. Most websites get problems at some stage. On good websites, problems are detected and corrected – often before a visitor notices. Unloved websites stay broken. Luckily nobody notices because nobody visits.

There are a billion websites. It isn’t difficult to get yours to outrank 990,000,000 of them.

Treat your website with respect. It is your window to the world.

Entrust it to someone who understands brands and audiences and communication and design, not just coding.

Show it love. Nurture it, feed it, polish it, tune it.

3 replies on “How to kill a website”
  1. says: Amr Marzouk

    All good points Greg, hope all well with you.
    Currently on the camino with Rosie.
    Best wishes,

  2. says: Tim Stannage

    Great article Greg. You really hit the nail on the head. Businesses need to realise that marketing involves being active in all touch points that display their brand or come into contact with a potential client.

    1. says: Greg Alder

      Hey Tim, Glad you liked it. Yes, the lesson on branding is something that many business owners haven’t yet got.

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