Death by Flattery - by Greg Alder

Death by flattery


Look up Flattery in a dictionary of quotations and you’ll find dozens of entries. Almost as many as for Life or Death, Marriage or Money. These quotes come from all ages of human existence, all corners of the globe and…

"As old as Adam and Eve" by Greg Alder

As old as Adam and Eve


Last year, 330 companies asked for tours around a small Michigan office. Those companies included Toyota, American Express, General Motors and McKinsey. Why did they ask for a tour? Because they wanted to know the secret to the Michigan company’s…

"The one policy you need" by Greg Alder

The one policy you need


Most businesses today have fine-tuned their production processes, their service delivery and their programs. Policies are in place covering things like complaint handing, workplace safety, governance, staff wellbeing and equal opportunity. What’s missing in virtually every organisation is the one…

"Can't versus won't" by Greg Alder

Can’t Versus Won’t


We ran a design contest recently on 99 Designs. For those of you unfamiliar with 99 Designs, it is an online freelance network on which you post a brief and designers around the world submit designs. ODesk and Elance are…

"Department of Listening", by Greg Alder

The Department of Listening


One of the first actions of the new coalition government in Canberra was to axe the Climate Commission. A week later, senior staff from the defunct Commission announced the formation of the independent Climate Council, because they felt that Australians…

"How to lose clients" by Greg Alder

How to lose clients


Most of you are already doing everything necessary to lose clients. But for those who need a few tips, here is a quick checklist of how to go about it. Implement any one of these ideas and you will start losing…

"Who killed ethics?" by Greg Alder

Who killed ethics?


This is Sophocles. He’s here because he’s at the heart of  The Moral Leader seminar from the Harvard Business School. A while back I came across a 2007 article on the seminar which started me thinking about a whole series of questions…