Are you worth waiting for? - image for article by Greg Alder

Are you worth waiting for?


Here’s a quick test. You have a client who’s a nice enough guy. However, his business isn’t exactly one of your more lucrative sources of income. You have just finished a meeting, the main purpose of which was to give…

A Blonde walks into a bar - Article by Greg Alder

A blonde walks into a bar


Let’s talk about ethnicity, gender, faith. Imagine you’re travelling overseas. You’re in a hidden valley in a remote corner of an inhospitable but strangely fascinating country. After days of struggling to communicate with people in funny costumes with weird languages,…

The accountant who could'nt count

The accountant who couldn’t count


You think a client appointed you because she respects the university you attended, the professional awards you’ve won or the decades of experience you have? Think again. As impressive as these might be, they only played a peripheral role in…

Six secrets of unsuccessful people - article by Greg Alder

Six secrets of unsuccessful people


What are the secrets to failure? I asked myself this question, wondering if there are certain characteristics that cause some to fail. I reckon I have identified the key behaviours of unsuccessful people. They are: 1.  They lack self-belief Pablo…

The Value Paradox - by Greg Alder

The Value Paradox


Value. It’s a wonderful thing. We all like to receive value. We like getting bonuses and discounts. We like receiving more than we paid for and paying less than we anticipated. Most of us in business like to give value….

Whats your price - Article by Greg Alder

What’s your price?


Imagine a gorgeous sunny day. You’re in the park with your daughter. A man approaches. He smiles. First at her and then at you. “How much for the little girl?” he asks. What’s your price? He makes an offer. “I…

'How to let go', by Greg Alder

Letting go


Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes a thousand-tonne catastrophe comes thundering out of nowhere to spin us around, disorient us, flatten us. What happens next is largely dependent on the answer to one question: was the catastrophe natural…

'The Fatal Jump' by Greg Alder

The Fatal Jump


A young woman dies. Cause of death is noted as cancer. There’s no denying that her body was riddled with it. However, what killed here wasn’t cancer. It was something more common than cancer and more difficult to fight. She…

"The Killer of Dreams" by Greg Alder

The Killer Of Dreams


As kids we have grand dreams. We slay dragons. We save cities. We fly without wings. As kids, everything is possible. Nothing is impossible. Ask us what we want to be when we grow up and we answer ballerina or…


To survive, ignore your customers


Am I kidding? Am I truly suggesting that you should ignore the people whose money puts food on your table? Well, yes. Not for ever. But for a while. Here’s the theory behind this seemingly suicidal strategy. Say you live…