A mind of its own


Ever woken from a great dream and wished you could return to it, but couldn’t? Ever woken from a bad dream and hoped you’d seen the last of it, but you hadn’t? The way your mind refuses to think what…

Bend me, shape me - image for article by Greg Alder

Bend me, shape me


I want to take you back to 1951. I want you to imagine you’re a student at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania. You have been invited to participate in a study about perception. You and 7 other students are shown 2 cards….

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Say, do


What we say and what we do aren’t always the same. Sometimes our words mask an underlying, unexpressed discomfort. We say we don’t like something, when the truth is that we don’t understand it – but can’t admit it. Many…

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The Florida Effect


In 1996 in New York University, students sat in a room where they were asked to form grammatically correct 4-word sentences from a set of 5 random words. Having completed the task, each student was sent down the corridor to…

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Life lessons from a frozen chicken


Some of you might know that I spent a chunk of my life in advertising. Advertising is an industry that likes to pay itself well. I liked being well paid. I enjoyed the comfortable lifestyle. But money doesn’t last. Advertising…

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Jack of none


“Jack of all trades, master of none” is a phrase used to describe someone who’s broadly skilled but lacks depth of knowledge in one area. Often it’s abbreviated. When someone says “Jack of all trades”, we mentally add the second…

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Small Joys


Which has the greater influence on your happiness? Your life’s great positive events? Or small daily pleasures? It turns out that how you answer depends on 2 things. First, how old you are and, second, how readily you savour the…

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You are the measure


A short while back, around 450 BC, the philosopher Protagoras said, “Of all things the measure is Man, of the things that are, that they are, and of the things that are not, that they are not.” What’s generally accepted…

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You are


You are not one of seven billion. You are not a file number, case number, customer number or pin number. You are not the lady in number 7, the man upstairs, the family across the road. You are not the…

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What would you do? Imagine that every one of life’s commitments and expectations were magically lifted. You wake one morning unburdened by pressures, overt and covert, external and internal, implicit and explicit. You have no financial obligations. No debts to…