"Destructive Criticism" by Greg Alder

Destructive Criticism


When people offer “constructive criticism”, they are offering the impossible. Criticism isn’t constructive. It is destructive. It doesn’t build on an idea to make it better. It undermines the idea to the point where it collapses. The people who offer…

"Alike minds do not think great" by Greg Alder

Alike minds do not think great


The reason that most brainstorming sessions are painful and unproductive is that when assembling participants, we tend to gather our peers. The trouble with this is that, if we are all electrical engineers, when racking our brains for ideas, we…

"F for creativity" by Greg Alder

F for creativity


This is a blog about creativity. It is also a blog about education. The two should be linked. But they are not. If you’ve seen any presentations or read any books by Sir Ken Robinson PhD you will know how…

"Are you too old to learn new tricks?" by Greg Alder

Are you too old to learn new tricks?


Those who believe creativity is a gift will also believe that there’s no point in trying to become creative later in life. The truth is that creativity is a skill and creative thinking is a behaviour. Like all behaviours, it…

"You know too much" by Greg Alder

You know too much


Creativity comes about by connecting pieces of knowledge. The more experiences you (and your partners) have had in life, the more diverse those pieces of knowledge and the more likely you will be to come up with a truly original…

"To innovate, cross-pollinate" by Greg Alder

To innovate, cross-pollinate


Innovating in small communities isn’t easy. The fact is that non-metropolitan areas lack the diversity of cities. Diversity is a key driver of business creativity – the cross-pollination of ideas, the adaptation of innovations in one sector being adapted to…

"Be the Car" by Greg Alder

Be the car


Some people look at a career like a firework rocket – once launched, there isn’t much you can do about it. You can’t change its direction. You can’t stop it. It travels through space and time until eventually its journey…