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Unruly Behaviour


In what has become a famous speech1, Neil Gaiman addressed the University of the Arts class of 2012. He had this piece of advice for students: “When you start out on a career in the arts you have no idea…

The accidental genius - image for article by Greg Alder

The Accidential Genius


Francis Bacon said that all painting is an accident. There are people who’d point to Jackson Pollock’s paintings as evidence of art by accident. But this isn’t what Bacon meant. It wasn’t the act of painting, but the inspiration that…

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Never ask an expert


Everything that can be invented has been invented. So said Charles H. Duell, Commissioner of US Patent Office, in 1899. In the year after Charles boldly claimed that we’d reached the end as far as innovations go, his office received…

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Impregnation before incubation


Dr Wayne Lotherington PhD distilled the 3 pillars of business creativity into the acronym EAT, where E is environment, A is attitude and T is tools. The idea behind the incubation hubs that have proliferated in the world’s cities is…

Right side down

Right side down


The secret to breakthrough business success mightn’t be where you think it is – where you’ve been searching, where your competitors think it is. Most businesses still exist in a build-a-better-mousetrap world. They’re looking to tweak existing processes, technologies, packaging…

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The opposite of truth


Everyone wants to be right. Nobody wants to be wrong. The desire to be right is wrong. Here’s what’s wrong with wanting to be right. Firstly, the desire to be right keeps us from trying something new. New things come…

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Einstein in the barn


Every home has a space where things are stored. The attic. The basement. The garage. The barn. We put things there we no longer use. We don’t toss them out because we think we might use them in the future….

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Where the magic is


There are two types of journey. Most of us are taking the wrong one. Typically, our journeys have a start point. They have an end point. They follow a familiar route. They are routine. On our journeys, we see nothing…

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Out of order


We live in a world that likes order. Everything has its place. Spaces are defined by boundaries – yards by fences, countries by coastline or river or wall. Road lanes are marked and speed limits set by road safety authorities….

Second hand brilliance - image for article by Greg Alder

Second Hand Brilliance


Recycling is good. This message is drilled into us at school. Our governments encourage us to recycle diligently and habitually. They tell us it’s the responsible thing to do. Remember this fact. Especially remember it when a client accuses you…