The 8 powers of a power brand

The 8 powers of a power brand


Power brands can do things ordinary brands can’t do. They have power that goes beyond mere money. Here are the 8 most valuable powers of the world’s most valuable brands. A power brand is a customer magnet Ok, imagine you…

Elvis Presley

Elvis still hasn’t left the building


Famous people are different from you and me. Famous people go on having birthdays after they’ve died. Last week Elvis Presley celebrated his 80th birthday. Elvis the man might have died 38 years ago, but Elvis the brand is alive…

What do you do - image for article by Greg Alder

“What do you do?”


How many times have you been asked this question? At a barbeque? In a bar? What’s your answer? Here’s how most of us respond: “I’m an accountant.” “I’m a diesel mechanic.” “I’m a colorectal surgeon.” We answer with the job…

Tony Abbott

Tony isn’t a Dick


“Be true to your word, don’t take us for granted, respect our needs and desires, and deliver on promises.” According to Readers Digest’s Trusted Brand Survey 2014, this is the message to Australian brands from the 3,000 Aussies who voted….

'I have a shopping list' by Greg Alder

“I have a shopping list”


When Dr Martin Luther King dreamt, he dreamt big. He dreamt of something that would have seemed ludicrously optimistic in the segregated south of 1963. It was a time of injustice, corruption, violence and simmering racism. Even if uttered today,…

"My mouth, my nose, my ears" by Greg Alder

My mouth, my nose, my ears


Look at this photo. What’s the first thing you see? The eye? We live in a visual world. Of all our senses, we rely on our eyes most of all. When meeting a friend, we look for them at the…

The Lost Art Of Storytelling

The lost art of storytelling


How does a small retailer fight supermarket monopolies and giant online stores? Supermarkets, department stores and major chains seem to have a few massive advantages over smaller retailers. Economy of scale is one. Purchasing power is another. Distribution is a…

"Beware brand bandits" by Greg Alder

Beware Brand Bandits


What’s a business owner supposed to do? There are consultants out there who call themselves branding agencies. They’re not. They’re logo designers. They offer to develop branding for a business. What they’re really offering is to create a new logo,…

"How to kill a website" by Greg Alder

How to kill a website


There are a billion websites in the world. Most of them should be put down. They do nothing for business. They don’t drive enquiries. They don’t boost sales. They don’t build reputation. They don’t engage audiences. Someone has paid to…

"Where are your beliebers?" by Greg Alder

Where are your beliebers?


One of the benefits enjoyed by a strong brand is that it is forgiven the odd mistake. Think New Coke. Think Tiger’s wanderings. Few brands will ever enjoy the forgiveness that Justin Bieber receives from his fans. Think about some…