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Be the prize


Back in my advertising days, there were certain clients that were considered prize accounts. Every agency wanted their business. Agencies would do whatever they needed to win them. That usually meant cutting commissions, reducing fees and throwing in freebies. One…

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Tick Tock, You’re Dead


Next time you’re walking down a busy city street, I want you to do a little experiment. Let’s say that every pace you take, you pass a person. If it’s 100 paces to the end of the block, you have…


Verbs have the best life, sometimes


It’s every brand owner’s dream to have his or her brand verbified. That’s the sure sign of popular acceptance and category dominance. Dyson products are admired and popular. Nevertheless, people still Hoover their carpets. One day we might Dyson our floors. But…

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Both sides happy


Every street, every town, every country has 2 kinds of people. Those who want progress and those who don’t. The progressives reckon the antiprogressives cripple economic development. The antiprogressives reckon the progressives ruin the place. Progress is a battle. Preservation…

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Clachan a Choin


I will start by telling you what Clachan a Choin means. The dog’s bollocks. It’s Gaelic. Now that you know that the post’s title means dog’s bollocks, you might be expecting an article on bravery. Or anarchy. And in a…

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The Whisky Experiment


The host places a rack of test tubes in front of each participant in the experiment. In each test tube is whisky. The participants are instructed to add a specified amount of water to 3 of the tubes – 2…

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The elephant called Exit


In the town of Hope there is the usual mix of small businesses – butchers, bakers, real estate agents, fashion boutiques, cafés, motels, accountants and dentists. Every one of the business owners works hard at his or her business. Every…

Principled Principals - image for article by Greg Alder

Principled Principals


This is a story of two business principals, one principled, the other not. The story starts with Rachel. Rachel owns a consultancy. A short time ago, Rachel was approached by a business principal to help with his business. Later that…

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It’s not about your skin colour


Bed and breakfast. Could you spell that, please? B-e-d-a-n-d-b-r-e-a-k-f-a-s-t. B-e-b? No. B-e-d. D for Duck. Bed. D-e-d? No! BED and breakfast! This exchange is from a recent call to an Australian company’s service centre. Many businesses in countries such as…

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All fall down


NAB is a large Australian bank. The bank’s communications tag line for the past few years has been “More give, less take”. That’s a lofty ideal to live by. More give and less take is something that most people would…