Most entrepreneurs aren’t


What’s your understanding of the word entrepreneur? A visionary? An innovator? A risk taker? An opportunity spotter? A paradigm shifter? (Remember the 90s? Paradigm shift was the disrupt of its time.) This is how we’ve come to see entrepreneurs today….

Never ask an expert - image for article by Greg Alder

Never ask an expert


Everything that can be invented has been invented. So said Charles H. Duell, Commissioner of US Patent Office, in 1899. In the year after Charles boldly claimed that we’d reached the end as far as innovations go, his office received…

Climbing Walls - image for article by Greg Alder

Climbing Walls


From the moment I saw the illustration above, I knew I wanted to use it. It now graces my website, social media pages, business cards and videos. Those of you who know me know that I’m a writer by craft….

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Will this be your Golden Age?


Imagine it’s 3016. People are looking at the history the world. They are examining your place (or your company’s or your community’s place) in it. They are looking back to this year, 2016, at what is regarded as the birth…

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Ex Machina


I watched the film Ex Machina on a flight yesterday. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s essentially about the manipulation of one human by another. At least, that’s what it appears to be. In the film, a programmer named…

Impregnation before incubation - image for article by Greg Alder

Impregnation before incubation


Dr Wayne Lotherington PhD distilled the 3 pillars of business creativity into the acronym EAT, where E is environment, A is attitude and T is tools. The idea behind the incubation hubs that have proliferated in the world’s cities is…

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Everything is connected


Today we’re going on a journey. We’re riding the innovation express. We’ll be travelling through time and crisscrossing the world. We start our travels in ancient Greece, 2600 years ago. A shepherd tends his flock on a hillside. He notices…

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The Me Manifesto


Social researchers believe they have discovered an important difference about social attitudes in Asian and Western societies. According to their studies, in Asian societies individuals are more likely to make decisions that benefit society. In Western societies, individuals are more…

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Pink you win, grey you lose


Two women, Grace Grey and Page Pink graduate from Brown University. Each sets up a business advisory consultancy. Each decides to pitch her business at the start-up & early stage market. Grace calls her consultancy Grey and Partners. When it…

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Clachan a Choin


I will start by telling you what Clachan a Choin means. The dog’s bollocks. It’s Gaelic. Now that you know that the post’s title means dog’s bollocks, you might be expecting an article on bravery. Or anarchy. And in a…