Eye of the beholder - image for article by Greg Alder

Eye of the beholder


I was gazing at a bottle of whisky recently (as is my wont). It’s a favourite whisky from a favourite distiller. It sells in the USA for about US$95 a bottle. I love the whisky, but I hate the label….

You're unfired - image for article by Greg Alder



“Nick, I’m going to have to let you go.” Nick isn’t happy. “Letting me go is a mistake.” “What do you mean, a mistake? We’re just not getting the best from you. Your productivity has dropped. Your commitment and passion…

Slow down to speed up - image for article by Greg Alder

Slow down to speed up


Cows, river, horse, mountain, village, autumn leaves, café, canoeists, ferry, pelicans. On a motorway, landscapes slur into a continuum of meaningless and disconnected blinks. No soon have we noticed something than it has been replaced by the next transitory image….

What are you building - image for article by Greg Alder

What are you building?


Are you building a business? Are you building a portfolio? Are you building a network? A nest egg? These are the things that many of us focus on building. Can you see what they all have in common? They’re all…

Why stop at why - image for article by Greg Alder

Why stop at why?


Why? is a great question. Kids ask why all the time. They ask because they don’t know why. Why is that lady fat? They don’t know if she’s fat because she’s pregnant. They don’t know what pregnancy is. They’ll learn…

A mind of its own


Ever woken from a great dream and wished you could return to it, but couldn’t? Ever woken from a bad dream and hoped you’d seen the last of it, but you hadn’t? The way your mind refuses to think what…

what if - image for article by Greg Alder

What if?


What if you were 75 and had embroidered all your life. Worsening arthritis eventually makes embroidery too painful. You put down your needle, but your creative passion continues to burn fervently. You look for another creative field that will be…

A table for twelve - image for article by Greg Alder

A table for twelve


The doorbell rings. Right on time. I make my way to the door with excitement. I have been looking forward to this night for a long time. I have invited twelve guests. All strangers. Now, the first of them has…