"You know too much" by Greg Alder

You know too much


Creativity comes about by connecting pieces of knowledge. The more experiences you (and your partners) have had in life, the more diverse those pieces of knowledge and the more likely you will be to come up with a truly original…

"To innovate, cross-pollinate" by Greg Alder

To innovate, cross-pollinate


Innovating in small communities isn’t easy. The fact is that non-metropolitan areas lack the diversity of cities. Diversity is a key driver of business creativity – the cross-pollination of ideas, the adaptation of innovations in one sector being adapted to…

"The road not taken" by Greg Alder

The road not taken


Do you know this Robert Frost poem from 1915? Here are the messages I get from it: The first message I get is one of independence, a literal message about taking the road less travelled, doing things your own way,…

"What is innovation?" by Greg Alder

What is innovation?


We are born. We innovate. At first we have no choice. Everything is a new experience, demanding. Then we go to school. We are taught to conform. We do exams. There are questions to which there’s one acceptable answer. We…

"Be the Car" by Greg Alder

Be the car


Some people look at a career like a firework rocket – once launched, there isn’t much you can do about it. You can’t change its direction. You can’t stop it. It travels through space and time until eventually its journey…

"Who killed ethics?" by Greg Alder

Who killed ethics?


This is Sophocles. He’s here because he’s at the heart of  The Moral Leader seminar from the Harvard Business School. A while back I came across a 2007 article on the seminar which started me thinking about a whole series of questions…