"Department of Listening", by Greg Alder

The Department of Listening


One of the first actions of the new coalition government in Canberra was to axe the Climate Commission. A week later, senior staff from the defunct Commission announced the formation of the independent Climate Council, because they felt that Australians…

"How to kill a website" by Greg Alder

How to kill a website


There are a billion websites in the world. Most of them should be put down. They do nothing for business. They don’t drive enquiries. They don’t boost sales. They don’t build reputation. They don’t engage audiences. Someone has paid to…

"Why do we sleep?" by Greg Alder

Why do we sleep?


A short while back, I asked this question on Quora. It’s a very simple question. Like a lot of simple questions, the answer is not so simple. There are a number of wonderful answers to my question, written by neuroscientists,…

"Where are your beliebers?" by Greg Alder

Where are your beliebers?


One of the benefits enjoyed by a strong brand is that it is forgiven the odd mistake. Think New Coke. Think Tiger’s wanderings. Few brands will ever enjoy the forgiveness that Justin Bieber receives from his fans. Think about some…

"Alike minds do not think great" by Greg Alder

Alike minds do not think great


The reason that most brainstorming sessions are painful and unproductive is that when assembling participants, we tend to gather our peers. The trouble with this is that, if we are all electrical engineers, when racking our brains for ideas, we…

"Plato in your pocket", by Greg Alder

Plato in your pocket


We live in a great period of learning. The Internet has given us unprecedented access to knowledge. We can undertake free courses from Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT. We can access the collections of great museums and libraries around the…

"F for creativity" by Greg Alder

F for creativity


This is a blog about creativity. It is also a blog about education. The two should be linked. But they are not. If you’ve seen any presentations or read any books by Sir Ken Robinson PhD you will know how…

"How to lose clients" by Greg Alder

How to lose clients


Most of you are already doing everything necessary to lose clients. But for those who need a few tips, here is a quick checklist of how to go about it. Implement any one of these ideas and you will start losing…

Station To Station is a concept that will work across continents and across national boundaries.

The music train


Back in the 30s and 40s, the great jazz big bands – Basie, Ellington, Miller, Dorsey, Goodman – crisscrossed the USA by train between performances. Now artist Doug Aitken has taken the concept of the travelling band, but turned the…