The Lost Art Of Storytelling

The lost art of storytelling


How does a small retailer fight supermarket monopolies and giant online stores? Supermarkets, department stores and major chains seem to have a few massive advantages over smaller retailers. Economy of scale is one. Purchasing power is another. Distribution is a…

"Destructive Criticism" by Greg Alder

Destructive Criticism


When people offer “constructive criticism”, they are offering the impossible. Criticism isn’t constructive. It is destructive. It doesn’t build on an idea to make it better. It undermines the idea to the point where it collapses. The people who offer…

"The Killer of Dreams" by Greg Alder

The Killer Of Dreams


As kids we have grand dreams. We slay dragons. We save cities. We fly without wings. As kids, everything is possible. Nothing is impossible. Ask us what we want to be when we grow up and we answer ballerina or…

"The one policy you need" by Greg Alder

The one policy you need


Most businesses today have fine-tuned their production processes, their service delivery and their programs. Policies are in place covering things like complaint handing, workplace safety, governance, staff wellbeing and equal opportunity. What’s missing in virtually every organisation is the one…

"Beware brand bandits" by Greg Alder

Beware Brand Bandits


What’s a business owner supposed to do? There are consultants out there who call themselves branding agencies. They’re not. They’re logo designers. They offer to develop branding for a business. What they’re really offering is to create a new logo,…

"Can't versus won't" by Greg Alder

Can’t Versus Won’t


We ran a design contest recently on 99 Designs. For those of you unfamiliar with 99 Designs, it is an online freelance network on which you post a brief and designers around the world submit designs. ODesk and Elance are…

"Department of Listening", by Greg Alder

The Department of Listening


One of the first actions of the new coalition government in Canberra was to axe the Climate Commission. A week later, senior staff from the defunct Commission announced the formation of the independent Climate Council, because they felt that Australians…

"How to kill a website" by Greg Alder

How to kill a website


There are a billion websites in the world. Most of them should be put down. They do nothing for business. They don’t drive enquiries. They don’t boost sales. They don’t build reputation. They don’t engage audiences. Someone has paid to…