How to trash your brand - Greg Alder

How to trash your brand


I’m going to tell you a story. See how far you get into the story before you can see what’s wrong with it. A woman walks into a butchery in an Australian suburb. (No, she’s not a vegan.) She buys…

How much genius is enough


What was the cleverest thing about the original iPod? Was it the technology? It was certainly smart. Until the iPod, portable personal music players came in the form of the Sony Discman. Before that, it was the Walkman. The iPod…

'I have a shopping list' by Greg Alder

“I have a shopping list”


When Dr Martin Luther King dreamt, he dreamt big. He dreamt of something that would have seemed ludicrously optimistic in the segregated south of 1963. It was a time of injustice, corruption, violence and simmering racism. Even if uttered today,…

Whats your price - Article by Greg Alder

What’s your price?


Imagine a gorgeous sunny day. You’re in the park with your daughter. A man approaches. He smiles. First at her and then at you. “How much for the little girl?” he asks. What’s your price? He makes an offer. “I…

'How to let go', by Greg Alder

Letting go


Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes a thousand-tonne catastrophe comes thundering out of nowhere to spin us around, disorient us, flatten us. What happens next is largely dependent on the answer to one question: was the catastrophe natural…

'Send In The Wreckers' by Greg Alder

Send in the Wreckers


Bert Lance was Director of the Office of Management and Budget during Jimmy Carter’s presidency. Bert is best known for the phrase, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Bert’s reason for uttering these words was that by not tinkering…

'The Fatal Jump' by Greg Alder

The Fatal Jump


A young woman dies. Cause of death is noted as cancer. There’s no denying that her body was riddled with it. However, what killed here wasn’t cancer. It was something more common than cancer and more difficult to fight. She…

"Welcome stranger" by Greg Alder

Welcome Stranger


The doorbell rings. If you’re expecting friends, you open the door ready to welcome them in. If you’re not expecting anyone, you’re apprehensive. Is it someone selling something you don’t want? Is it someone who poses a physical threat? If…

"Are we there yet?" by Greg Alder

Are we there yet?


“We need some ideas and we need them today.” Ever been in this position? It can be scary. It’s hard enough to come up with ideas, without the added pressure of a deadline. Sometimes it’s even worse. “We need some…

"You've got to get out more" by Greg Alder

You need to get out more


On average, when you’re in your office you get interrupted every three minutes. I’ve just interrupted you now. The more responsibility you have in your organisation, the more interruptions you get. Research from the School of Information and Computer Sciences…