The one policy you need

"The one policy you need" by Greg Alder

Most businesses today have fine-tuned their production processes, their service delivery and their programs.

Policies are in place covering things like complaint handing, workplace safety, governance, staff wellbeing and equal opportunity.

What’s missing in virtually every organisation is the one policy that has the biggest impact on business success – a policy regarding creativity and innovation.

Its absence is a shame. No, it’s more than a shame. It’s negligent.

If creativity and innovation were made corporate policy, then some remarkable things would happen:

  • The organisation would invent better processes
  • Corporate policies would be dramatically improved
  • The company would create unimagined new products
  • There would be a raft of ideas for improving the organisation’s services
  • The organisation would find it easier to recruit and retain the best people
  • Staff wellbeing – and productivity – would improve
  • And finally, the organisation’s reputation and value would grow

In other words, a commitment to creativity improves every aspect of business.

These aren’t fanciful promises. Each of these outcomes is a documented benefit of creativity.

“Creativity is THE essential skill for the 21st century.” (Sir Ken Robinson)

If creativity isn’t yet corporate policy, it needs to be. Now.

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